The 3rd (Foot & Mouth) Regiment

 The 3rd (Foot & Mouth) Regiment was originally formed by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to celebrate the comedy of the classic Carry On movie whilst also doing something creative, entertaining and fun.

The Group has developed rapidly however. We recreate soldiers of this fictitious regiment at both public and private events. This is done for pleasure as fans of the original movies and to raise money for charities as the opportunity arises (principally military charities).

We also recreate the past a little more seriously for historical events and educational purposes.  We portray soldiers of the Victorian and Edwardian periods up until 1916 along with civillians, suffragettes and nurses. Indeed we are currently the largest Edwardian recreation organisation in the UK.

The group is wholly voluntary and run on a not-for-profit basis. Please note - we do not consider ourselves to be re-enactors. (After all the Foot and Mouth didn't really exist)  We are a group which prides itself on being accessible, entertaining and friendly.

Note: We understand entirely that the films were made in the 60s and 70s and that the values in contemporary society have moved on.  We strive to be an inclusive and non descriminatory group.  We primarily concentrate on that most British of attributes - lampooning ourselves.  We mean no disrespect or offence to anyone and do not accept offensive behaviour from our members. We do not therefore portray "Burpas", "Riff" and other such "racial" groups from the films nor do we advocate the sexist attitudes of the period.  We are however proud to be British and happy that the British culture is both strong enough and rich enough to be a source for comedy, entertainment and mirth.

 If you are interested in joining the 3rd Foot & Mouth or inviting us to participate in an event then please:

 Contact the adjutant.





The Union  Flag with the "I'm Backing Britain" slogan is the final shot of the film "Carry On Up The Khyber".


It was part of a campaign led by then Primeminister Harold Wilson to get support for British Industry. 


We are happy to adopt the slogan and indeed symbology to support all who serve our nation and communities, particularly when putting  themselves in harms way in duty's name across the globe.


The 3rd (Foot & Mouth) Regiment was formed by a group of active members of the UK Steampunk Community.

Steampunk is a lively and creative community celebrating the best of our Victorian and Edwardian heritage but with

a healthy dash of modern sensibilities and science fiction thrown in.

The 3rd are supported by the Victorian Steampunk Society. 

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