History of The 3rd (Foot & Mouth) Regiment

A new history of the 3rd Regiment (Foot and Mouth)

Raised in 1660 by Lord Montgomery Pue a staunch Royalist. (Great Great Grandfather of Lord Darcey Pue who distinguished himself during the French Revolution along with Sir Rodney Ffing) by Royal Order as "Pue's Regiment of Foote". It has served with distinction since that time. In 1751 it was formally awarded the title of 3rd(Foot and Mouth) Regiment of the Line.  The Pues and Ffings have been associated with the Regiment throughout it's history. Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond himself being a descendant of the Ffing line (hence the marked family resemblance.)

Nickname: The Devils in Skirts

Mottos:  Umquam promptus pro factum     "Always Ready For Action".
       Illud carduus es periculosus procerus    "That thistle is dangerously tall."

Battle Cry: "Up kilts and at 'em".

Colours: Navy facings
Tartan: Mackenzie and Royal Stewart in honour of the Royal connections of the Pue's and their linkage through marriage to the Mackenzie Clan.

Badge: A simple Royal shako plate bearing the numeral 3.

Distinguished Commanders:
Lord Montgomery Pue  1660-1691
Sir Hugh Pue  1745-1771
Sir Barnabay Pue 1795-1816
Colonel Keene  1904-1916

Khalabar  March 16th
Umpopo Gorge  September 11th

Battle Honours
Umpopo Gorge
Watkin's Path

Regimental Journal: Devils in Skirts

The deeds of the 3rd Foot and Mouth will continue...


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