The Carry On films were, perhaps surprisingly, generally pretty accurate in their portrayals of the past.  The kit worn by the 3rd Foot and Mouth on screen though is not quite typical of the period they are trying to portray (1895) The film is probably based upon the historical Siege of Chitral. Principally the actors in the film are equipped similarly to soldiers of the 2nd South African (Boer) War but wearing the white helmet without a cover and with the Edwardian style khaki drill tunics with rise and fall collars.  

We have opted to be true to the screen representation in general but with a few tweaks  based on availability and affordability and consideration of how we can best use the kit for serious historical portrayals when we wish.  We generally wear the Seaforth or Black Watch tartans rather than the tartan used in the film. (Primarily because this is a unique tartan that was originally produced for the film "Tunes of Glory" and reproducing this proved to be prohibitively expensive.)  Members use appropriate Glengarries and badges to match their tartan when appearing as historically accurate highlanders.


Some members feel they are not up to parading in the kilt.  We therefore have an adjunt unit who portray cavalry of the period.  This uniform of trousers and tunic is a little simpler and cheaper.


Members are expected to equip themselves at their own expense. It costs around £200 for a Foot and Mouth Uniform (around £150 for cavalry) The group may be able to help with advice and support.  Individuals may also be able to loan items for newcomers 


Of course we have members who dress in period civillian clothing etc too.


Members can find full guidance details and links regarding uniforms on the members pages.


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