The 3rd (Foot & Mouth) Regiment

 Historical Recreation

The 3rd Foot & Mouth are of course a fun organisation and we keep our tongues firmly in our cheeks  but that does not mean we cannot take history seriously. 

We portray soldiers, sailors, nurses and civillians  of the late 19th and early 20th and have developed a reputation for being very friendly and accessible but also entertaining and educational.  We are the ideal organisation to add life and colour to historical venues and events.  As the largest specialist Edwardian society in the UK we are happy to recreate vignettes portraying the women's suffrage movement - this usually has a comedic element but we ensure that in our presentation we explain the reality and importance of this struggle to our audience.  We also have the necessary clothing, props and equipment to step back into the second half of Victorian's reign or even to move forwards to the outbreak of the Great War. 

We even have our very own Queen Victoria! 

We can also have a number of tents allowing us to set up an encampment to base our presentations from. 

 We are lucky to include in our number film, TV and theatrical professionals as well as historians, costumiers, educators and archaeologists. A number of our people are also former or current servicemen and women. We enjoy making presentations accessible and entertaining be it period fashion shows, military lectures (e.g. Boer War, Siege of Peking etc) or large scale riots.

We are always happy to be contacted regarding possible events at suitable venues.

Previous clients include Lincoln Castle, The Historic Dockyards, Chatham, Erddig for the National Trust and The National Tramway Museum.

You can contact the adjutant here and please include "3rd Foot and Mouth" in the subject line.

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